Born and raised in the farm country of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I grew up with animals and have a strong passion for their welfare and care. My passion for working with animals – combined with entrepreneurial instincts and a desire to serve my community in a way no one had done before – prompted me to establish KB Pet Service in November 2009. This endeavor has brought more happiness than my previous professional life ever could fulfill.

Prior to creating KB Pet Service I studied the pet industry extensively to ensure all pets receive loving care in a manner that is reliable, attentive and professional. The staff of KB Pet Service are carefully screened and selected. They share my philosophy of offering outstanding service and peace of mind while focusing on quality care.

Before KB Pet Service entered my life I was an active volunteer for more than ten years. In Key Biscayne I served four terms as Commissioner to Girls Volleyball and Girls Softball. Off island I was active in fundraising for my children’s school, leading a parent group to lobby and raise $12.5 million toward a new school building.

Before moving to Key Biscayne with my husband and two children in 2001, I lived in the Washington DC area. There, I enjoyed an 18 year career in government affairs and corporate philanthropy. I hold degrees from Penn State University and the University of Maryland.

By understanding my background, I hope all prospective customers can understand that I am a woman who is responsible, dedicated, and passionate about her work and for serving the needs of others. In the case of KB Pet Service, those “others” are your beloved pets.

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