KB Pet Service offers the following:
Dog Walking and Exercise
Vacation Care
In Home Boarding
Pet Sitting
Pet Taxi and Vet Visits

Dog Walking and Exercise*

20 minute visit for walk, play & relief 

$18 per visit

30 minute visit for walk, run, play, & relief
Ideal for dogs with high exercise needs

$25 per visit
1 hour visit for walk, run, play and relief $50 per visit

*Rates can be adjusted according to number of walks per week. An additional fee may be added for additional dogs

DOG Vacation Care $15 per visit

Multiple visits for walk, play, feeding and relief.  Rates can be adjusted according to number of daily visits, vacation duration, and exercise requirements of your dog. Package includes mail, lights change, newspaper and plant watering.

CAT Vacation Care

$15 per visit

15 - 20 minute visit for feeding, playtime, brushing, petting, litter box freshen. Includes mail, lights change, newspaper and plant watering.

In Home Boarding

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Vacation Care package plus overnight stay at your home.  To make your pet(s) as comfortable and stress free as possible, KB Pet Service provides personalized overnight stays in your home that are customized to meet the needs of your pet(s). 

Pet Sitting

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KB Pet Service will stay in your home or pet-friendly hotel while you enjoy a night out on the town.  Great for visitors and tourists! 

Pet Taxi – All Pets

$.60 per mile + $40 per hour
Includes veterinary, emergency, and other types of transport

Medications and Special Health Needs

KB Pet Service is trained in providing many forms of medication and assistance with varying health needs.

Holidays – Add $10 to all visits and services on the following days:

Easter Sunday
4th of July
Christmas Eve Day
Christmas Day

KB Pet Service prides itself on loving and professional care.  Prices and services can be packaged to meet varying budgetary needs.  Call us for a complimentary consultation! 

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KB Pet Service located in Key Biscayne, FL is insured and bonded through the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters
Bonding Certificate Number: 104297451-2692 | Liability Insurance Certificate Number: CCP 297163-04903-10
Additional information can be obtained by contacting KB Pet Service